Ekuity Capital, is proud to be a leading tourism Investment Company in Tunisia and marketer of premium tourist products and services during more than three decades of development and progress.

The Tunisian Kuwaiti Consortium of Development was founded on October 20, 1976 as a joint venture between the Kuwaiti and the Tunisian Government, in order to unify the Kuwaiti investments in Tunisia.

Our group is principally involved in the tourism business, operating a chain of hotels in Tunisia under different international brand names.

Over the years, we have expanded our activities and opened new horizons by diversifying our portfolio through several subsidiaries and other investments to include investment funds and food industries as well as real estate sector.

Ekuity Capital has a long-established tradition of supporting the communities for which it is doing business and plays an important role in the Tunisian economy by creating thousands of employment opportunities.

Ekuity Capital is also perceived as valued contributor and a pioneer in the creation of distinctive business relationships and economic connections between Arabic countries.